How Fast Does It Ship

All our units ship 2-3 day USPS Priority Mail. All orders are shipped first thing in the morning every day.

Return Policy

We offer 30 days no hassle return policy. Buyer is responsible for making the unit back in the same condition as received for a full refund. The detailed return policy is available here.

How Do These Work ? Do I Need Anything Else

All of the content on the Jailbroken Amazon fire tv sticks, Amazon fire tv Boxes, and Android tv boxes stream all the content. They don’t download anything, so never slow down. Whether it’s through Netflix, Amazon Prime, Kodi, or other Android programs and Apks, everything on these units stream so high-speed internet is required.

We recommend at least 10mbps download speed. You also need a TV that had an HDMI outlet, which almost all TVs do today. The Amazon fire tv box does not come with an HDMI cable, but our Android Octacore unit does, and the stick plugs directly into HDMI so the cable is not required.

Note: the Alexa voice remote on Amazon units only work with select apps, it will not work with kodi.

What Does Jailbroken Mean ?

Jailbroken is really a term that applies to units that don’t allow third-party software. A jailbreak is software manipulation that allows for installation of third-party apps. We use that term on our website because it’s a common search term when looking for units similar to ours. Amazon and Android software is open source which allows installation of third party applications, therefore we can program these units without any need for jailbreaking.

How Can I Watch Live Tv

There are multiple ways to watch live paid and free. You can use the following add-ons to watch live tv you can use mobdro which is located in your installed in you amazon app store.

Kodi APPS Live TV
App- Rising Tides- Then click on IPTV HEAVEN
App- Mad Streams – Scroll down and click enter
here then click Daily Playlist and pick united
states then your good to go.

Related image

App – Twisted Tv – Price 10.00 monthly in order to
use this app click on go to the website here and
use the login credentials completed

Amazon Fire Tv Devices

Setup Directions For Amazon Fire Tv Stick
  • You must plug the power cable into the wall jack and the other side of the cable plugs into the Amazon fire tv stick
    • You cannot plug the fire stick power cable into the USB port of the TV. It must get power from the wall jack, not your tv.
  • The Amazon fire tv stick itself plugs directly into the HDMI port of your tv
    • There is an HDMI extender that comes with the Amazon fire stick and it’s optional to use
  • Now you should have your amazon fire stick plugged into the HDMI port of your tv, the power cable should be connected to the fire stick while is plugged into the wall jack for power.
  • Turn to the correct HDMI channel on your TV, and you will see amazon fire tv splash screen
  • Next, you will need to connect to your wifi and enter your password
  • Once you connect your Amazon Fire Stick to your wifi, the screen will ask for your Amazon login information.
    • You can make a free account if you don’t already have an Amazon account.
    • You can use a free account or an Amazon prime account. Both simple get you access to the home page, and then you can use Kodi.
    • If you make an Amazon account on your computer or phone, it will not ask for credit card information.
  • Once you log in to your Amazon Account, you will be on the Amazon home page.
  • To access Kodi go to settings-applications-install all applications- Kodi – launch Kodi
  • Video Directions to move Kodi to Amazon’s home page are listed beneath this item.
  • When you are on Amazon’s home page, find the tab that says “your apps and games” and scroll all the way to the right and click on “see all”
    • Alternatively, you can press and hold down the home button on your fire tv remote and click “APPS”
  • Either option would take you to a list of apps that are downloaded on your amazon fire tv unit
  • Scroll to where you see Kodi, press the menu button (button with 3 lines) while over Kodi, and choose the option that says “Move to front”
  • Now back out to the main amazon fire home screen page, and Kodi will be there
My Amazon Box Or Firestick Won't Recognize My Fire Tv Remote ?

If for some reason the remote does not seem to work with the device, it simply needs to be programmed to the box. VERY SIMPLE TO DO

  • Put new batteries in the remote.
  • then hold down the home button for 2-3 minutes, and then wait 20 seconds, see if the remote is now working on your amazon fire tv box or Amazon fire tv stick
  • if it doesn’t work, hold down the home button for roughly 1 minute, then wait 10 seconds, and hold it down for another minute. Try this a few times, sometimes it takes a couple tries before it works.
  • Make sure the batteries are in the remote, and the batteries are in the right way
Kodi Launches To A Black Screen Or Freezes

If for some reason the remote does not seem to work with the device, it simply needs to be programmed to the box. VERY SIMPLE TO DO

  • First press the home button to get out of Kodi and on to the Amazon fire tv Homepage.
  • Then Go to settings- applications- manage installed applications- Kodi- CLICK Force stop
  • Then click Clear Cache (NOT Clear Data, that will erase everything inside Kodi)
  • Finally, Launch Kodi and let it sit for 5 minutes so it can update without interruption.

NOTE: Anytime you launch Kodi, you want to wait a couple of minutes to make sure all the add-ons are updated, and then start using the unit. Using it while it’s trying to update add-ons often cause it to freeze

Do I Need An Amazon Prime Account To Use The Amazon Fire tv Devices ?

No. If you have an amazon prime account, you can use it and all its features, but you don’t need an Amazon prime account to use this unit. You can log in with a regular free Amazon account to use the Amazon fire tv unit and all the features that have been added. You can make a free account by going to on your computer or phone, and it will not ask for credit card information to make a basic Amazon account.

General Use Directions For Kodi

Add More Apps In Kodi
  • First, you click on apps
  • Then scroll down and click on indigo

Image result for indigo kodi

  • Once you click indigo you will see another menu then you click on addon Installer.
  • Then you choose what kind of apps you want to install.
  • Videos Add-ons = Movie/TV Addons
Adding Movies, Tv Shows Or An Addon To The favirote List
  • First, you search for your favorite show within the add-on itself
  • OR go to ALL ADDONS tab, click on it to see all the installed add-ons, go to the one you want to be added to your favorites tab.
  • Once you have found the show or Addon. Using your remote, press the menu button and a screen will appear.
  • This screen will give you several options, including the option “, add to favorites.”
  • Now back out to Kodi’s home page, scroll over to favorites tab, click on it, and you will see your favorite list.

Kodi TroubleShoot

Background wallpaper changed or looks different

From time to time the AEON NOX wallpaper we have installed updates itself, when it does, you will need to change your skin back, its very simple to do, and rarely happens.

  • Go to Systems-Interface- Skins- Change it from Confluence to AEON NOX
  • If for some reason you do not see AEON Nox as an option, click get more and then choose AEON NOX

Even if you don’t change the background to AEON NOX, the device should work the same, it will only have a different background.

Things Not To Do In Kodi
  • You never want to click Clear Data, it will erase everything installed inside Kodi.
  • You don’t want to click Clear Thumbnails inside the Raw maintenance App under the Programs tab.
  • If you’re inside Ares Wizard Program, you don’t want to install any wizard build, it will erase your current setup. You also don’t want to choose the Fresh Start option, it will erase everything installed in kodi
Accordion Panel

Some links require you to pair your unit in order for the link to work. Explained in our video guide page.

Simple fix

  • Connect your laptop or Cell phone to your Wifi
  • Go to the website listed, usually its will be or something along those lines
  • Click the video authorize button, follow directions on the screen
  • Scroll down to the bottom, and click pair (only some website require this)