3 QUICK & EASY Ways To Control AirPods VOLUME!

AirPods are awesome, but AirPods volume control still isn’t as easy as it probably should be! If you’re having AirPods volume problems, want AirPods volume up and down controls without using your iPhone, or want to have AirPods volume control without Siri, this video will teach you all three ways to change AirPods volume! Changing volume on your AirPods should be pretty straightforward, but a lot of users don’t know tips and tricks like how to control AirPods volume with the Apple Watch – which allows you to change volume of AirPods without Siri! I’ll teach you the three methods I use for AirPods volume control so you can have your AirPods change volume when you need to make an adjustment. If you have your own tips and tricks for AirPods controlling volume without Siri, or other ways to change the volume of your AirPods, don’t forget to comment those below! I hope you enjoy this tutorial on changing AirPods volume and I hope you find the method on how to control AirPods volume without Siri helpful if you didn’t know it already!

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